I thought I was having speed issues with my WAN, so I ran some simple tests.
A copy of a 35Mb file from my PC to a server across the WAN (10-meg) took
about 1m30s on average.

However, copying the same file back again took nearly 3 times as long (over

The server I'm connecting to are NW6.0 SP2 (I've tried 2 of the same version
with identical results). When I try the same thing with a NW6.5 SP2 I get
the same speeds each way (1:30, give-or-take). All servers at the remote end
are connected to the same gigabit switch with identical NICs.

Does anyone know why 6.0 should be slower that 6.5, or how to improve it's
performance? (I've tried disabling all anti-virus engines).