Is it possible to do a 100% silent unattended installation of NWclient 4.91SP1?

I can't seem to perform a 100% silent install.

I tried it with following command in the loginscript
setupnw.exe /ACU /U:unattend.txt /SL:Clientlog

I even tried it with psexec from sysinternals
created a bat file (install_local.bat) containing "setupnw.exe /ACU /U:unattend.txt"
copy the install files locally (incl "install_local.bat")
creating a bat file (install_local.bat) containing "setupnw.exe /ACU /U:unattend.txt"
and starting that batchfile remotely via PSEXEC

psexec.exe <destinationPC> /s cmd /c start /DC:\_Client\ /w "" "install_local.bat"

This will execute the batchfile "install_local.bat" on the remote machine as system account (/s) in hidden mode
This process fails (in fact the proces "nwsetup.exe" stays open on the remote pc)

But it works perfectly when I use following command but this is not silent

psexec.exe <destinationPC> /s /i cmd /c start /DC:\_Client\ /w "" "install_local.bat"

The extra parameter "/i" which executes the batchfile in interactive mode (unhidden)
This works perfectly but it shows a window that closses automatically at the end.
But why doesn't it work in silent mode???

Does anyone know a completly hidden method?

Dave, The