Starting about 3 p.m. yesterday a number of client computers are not
getting the Novell login dialog at initial boot, but are instead getting
the Microsoft login.
Clients - all Windows XP sp1 with Netware client 4.91 SP1
Servers - Netware 5.1 SP 8
edir 8.7.3

We have found that we can go into the big red N in the system tray,
Advanced Login tab, and 'Initial Novell Login' is suddenly set to 'off'.
We change it to 'on' have the client reboot, and the user could log in.
but today many of the same computers after being turned on, it's back to
off. Any ideas where this is coming from? Is this a registry setting?
On one of the problem computers this morning before fixing it, I went into
the registry to see if I could find the problem. I could not.
HKLM\Software\Novell\Network Provider\Menu Items and Enable Login Dialog
was still set to 'yes' even though in the Novell client properties (above)
the Initial Novell Login was 'off'

Michael Gallo