Hi, after downloading Linux 10.0 and burning it on a DVD, I tried to
install it on my hard disk, which so far has Windows 98, Windows 2000 and
Windows XP as stable operating systems installed. After confirming Deutsch
as language, the setup program proposes to reduce an NTFS partition, which
I would basicallly be willing to accept, as the partition exceeds the data
contained by 6 GB. In the next sstep, Linux 10.0 wants to format the
partitions (all of them?) and states that all data will be erased -fully
unacceptable! After trying to install a former linux version (8.0) two
years ago and then working for a full week to get rid of Linux and
reinstall Windows, I got very careful with this quadruple booot system.
Once a DOS freak, I am a newcomer to Linux and am afraid to mess things p
with commands unknown to me (so far). That screen shown in the Novel/Suse
10.0 page where you can accept or decline the partition changes proposed
never appesred during installation.Although willing to learn, I would be
grateful for advice towards an uncomplicated and safe setup, not touching
the Windows OSs.
Can anyone help? Thanks in advance!