Hello. Using Novell Client 32 4.91 SP1 and SP2 on Windows 2000
workstations with Novell NetWare 6.5 SP4.
I've noticed that if I have a shortcut of an app on my Windows Desktop
(doesn't matter if shortcut is to network or to local app), and a copy of
the same shortcut in any network drive mapping, and when I right-click on
the shortcuts to get to the Properties menu option, there is a noticeable
delay, around 35 to 40 seconds, until the menu appears. Regular text files
(logs, txt, etc.), files, or folders that are on the Desktop or in a drive
being viewed via Windows Explorer do not have a delay when right-clicked on
to bring up the menu.

I haven't seen this when I used Novell Client 32 4.90 up to patch SP2.

I changed the Cache File Locally option to On, but still have the issue.

I checked to see if the Shortcuts are pointing to a valid executable/file,
and they do.

I verified that there is no virus/trojan/etc.

Any clues to why this maybe occurring?

Thanks in advance for your assistance.