The error is shown in the login log, the drive could not be mapped. But the
whole situation is unclear. Usually, often used users can log in without
problems, an other user get this message. But it came up, that an often
used user got the same refusal message. Trying immediate an other (often)
user all works fine. Retry the refused user again brings the refusal again
- or everything works fine. And sometimes with on of the seldom used users,
too. No rule is to be find here.
5 Licenses are installed, maybe the problem is to get that 5th license.
Usually, all are used, but they should be used by all available users (user
accounts). The users are made of an template, but as you expect: with one
it works, with another not.

I looked out to the knowledge base. It was recommended to remove the
licences coming with the server I used when setting up the server. I added
new licenses in between, removing now the setup licenses. But the NW Admin
shows those existing licenses as unused (compared to the other server here,
the information I got there are fine).
Shall I remove the licences and install them again?

An other hint is an unloaded LSAPI.NLM. It seems to be loaded. Unload it
and reload? Or restart the server?

During the server seems to be slow, I increased some of the well known
parameters and restarted the server (having the 8901 problem before and now
again), the cache hits increased from 84% up to 91%, so the settings
themself took effect.

A last hint of the knowledge base is around “too less space”. The can only
be understood as too less RAM; 60 of 67GB HD is unused. The server is used
as a file server, no more special jobs to do, SFT-2 (2 HD at S-ATA). 512MB
of RAM should be enough.

Do you have any suggestions to solve the problem, users are refused to map

Thanks for help,
M. Erich

PS: You all know, an error you expect to see will not come up when we need
it. So, I’m not sure, if this behaviour is really attached to the Client
2k/XP, because trying that on Win98, no refusal was noticed. But, anyway, I
can not tell you that it will not happen. This means too, the problem my
not be a client but the server.