Mixed NetWare 5.1 and NW 6.5 environment. When the workstation is
configured IP only, they intermittently can not find the tree. Entering the
IP address of the NW 6.5 server into the Tree field allows the tree to be
found thus allowing context browsing at the client login advanced tab. I
rebuilt a PC to eliminate the possibility of corruption to no avail. The
problem is intermittent, meaning it doesn't happen every day. Once logged
in you can reboot the PC and it will find the Tree error free.

Workstation: Windows XP SP2 with firewall enabled or disabled.
Novell client: 4.9.1 w/ SP1.
NetWare 5.1 servers at SP8 and SP7. All SP 7 server have SLP update 2.11.
All 5.1 server have TCP 5.87i installed.
NetWare 6.5 server at SP3 with post SP 3 patches.

We plan to install SP 8 on the remaining 5.1 servers this weekend, delete
the the UNSCOPED object in NDS and remove SLPDA from start up.