We have some ibm t43's with the fingerprint software installed. When
someone activates the fingerprint software, importing to the NW tree stops
ibm t43's with the fingerprint software. At the time of fingerprint
software activation, you are prompted that the nwgina.dll will be replaced
with the fingerprint xxgina.dll (i forget the exact dll name). If you say
"no" to this replacement, you do not have the NW client for use.
We are using zenworks 6.5 (importing objects and a hopst of other functions
zenworks gives you).

I may try to "view" the nwgina and the fingerprint gina to see what the
differences are but before i do that..
Has anyone come across this issue before? If so, how do we correct this so
users can use the fingerprint software and continue to import into the NW
tree? Thanks for any help!