I've scanned this forum and checked the knowledgebase but I cannot find
anyone who has documented this issue... I also have it on ALL my 4.91SP1
Clients (EVERY one in two different networks)...

It appears that the Option to "Browse to..." from the Red "N" on the
taskbar is not working properly any longer. Existing paths that were
entered under the previous client are still there (although they no
longer work) and I cannot add any other legitimate values when trying
to "Edit Browseable Paths" (All I get is an "N" in the path listing). I
can delete the "N" listings but not the paths which were useable before
the client upgrade. (I typically use a specific IP Address as the
Browseable path as the other server I want to attach to is accross an IP
only VPN Link - but even local Netware server names are not accepted

Am I the only person who uses this option or did I miss a posting
somewhere which discusses and resolves this issue?