I consistently have to wait 4 to 5 mins at the Novell log in (Novell 6.5
sp2 - XP Sp2 - client is 4.91)
if I do not wait then it cannot find the tree and I cannot log despite
repeated boot ups, this happens in the morning
(It helps on occasssions to release the ipaddres and retry a number of

If I wait 5mins I can log in and am ok for the rest of the day - despite
repeated boot ups)

I think the problem is that I am using DHCP and DNS on a Win2k server for
all addresses and that on DHCP the
Novell server is not being shown to the client. Would adding DNS to the
novell server help? I have seen a fix to the win2k server dhcp to add the
novell server address but am not sure if this would work.

Athougheverything is supposed to work on IP perhaps communication is taking
place at IPX level which kicks in if ip requests for the novell server
fail...is that likely?

We have sufferred with this for many months and have tried different clients
etc, Does nothappen at all with W2k clients...

Thanks for any replies!