Novell client version SP1a will drop the connection from the
Novell Netware Server v5.1. If user reboots or log off completely then he
is be able to connect to the server. The interesting part is during this
process the end user can browse the internet get their mail with out any
issues. The only part that fails is the connectivity to the Novell Server.

This is new user added to our Novell Server. This same thing happen if this
user logs in from a different machine as well. After taking the step below
the problem is still not fixed.

Steps taken
1. Deteled the users ID and created a new ID.
2. Check to see if the switch had an errors on the port. ( None found)
3. Replaced cables to the switch and moved the user to a different port on
the switch.
4. This is new HP box with Gig card.