I understand the issues with Winconnect and the Novell client and XP. I
am stuck using all.

Therefore, if I am the first user logging into the blade, the novell
client works 'as I want' and the second person has to log in using local
credentials and the Novell login is not launched. The only way that I
see to get this next person logged in (without them forgetting and
having to go through a lot of hassle when they can't print or access
their files) is to launch the Novell login from the startup folder after
they connect via windows login. This in turn creates a new situation
for the first person to login. They are given the opportunity to log in
again after they are already logged in. Normally no problem as the
client should clear the connections on this subsequent login,
however..., the client does not clear the connection and drive mappings
for the search drives are replicated down to the next four drives on
their session. Not good.

Is there a way in the login script to check to see if a search drive is
already mapped and skip the redundant map command?

Is there a more elegant solution to this problem? I would like for my
users to log in once and not have to jump through extra hoops to get
connected to Novell.

Are there any other surprises I am likely to run into?