I'm having problems installing the Novell Client 4.91sp2 on my Windows 2003 Standard w/sp1 server.

I just installed ZEN 6.5 Middle Tier on a new server a few days ago. I've been able to authenticate to the server with the ZFD agent from my workstation since installing MT. Today I discovered that I need to install the Novell Client on the server so that I can receive application distributions from the server when my source files are on a Novell server.

During the client install, I answer all the prompts, it starts copying files, but then I get an error "Installation was not completed successfully." The Novell Client shows up in the list in "Add/Remove Programs", but it's just not all there. When I try to from the list, it comes back immediately and asks for a reboot, but it really didn't do anything. Rebooting of course doesn't help and it still shows up in the list of programs installed.

I was told that I could install MT first and the client later if I needed to, which I did. Would this be causing the problem? Should I have installed the client first, then MT? If so, how to I remediate this, how do I uninstall everything so that I can install the client first, etc? Also, do I need to install the ZFD agent after the client is installed?

Any help is greatly appreciated!