1) We have Client 4.91 SP2 (version

This version nicely deals with Forgotten Passwords via the "Forgotten
Password" link. It takes the absent minded user through a series of
up-popped boxes asking for answers to the previously lodged
challenge/response questions.

Our users are uneasy with the branding of these pop-up boxes. The
boxes have a grey background overlaid with a french blue banner holding
the following text: "Novell® NMAS" and "Modular Authentication

This NMAS banner is considered to be 'too technical looking' by the
users who would prefer company branding rather than NMAS branding. I
had assumed I would find a Challenge/Response equivalent of
NWELCOME.BMP somewhere in the file system, but no luck

2) SO, I wonder if anyone knows whether/how this Challenge/Response
branding can be tailored?

Rgds - Martyn
p.s. please excuse me, but I shall also post this on the IDM forum