We have experienced some trouble when users are changing passwords;
either when password expires or on their own initiative. The trouble
also applies when administrators change passwords for users in C1. The
problem is that after changing their password they log in successfully
but next time they log in they get an errormessage saying that the
username and password are not correct. This is in a school environment
so users roam from workstation to workstation. What we have experienced
is that when they get this problem it helps to try logging in to a
different workstation. I suspect that this has to do with NICI and DLU.
We have not enabled the EnableUserProfileDirectory key. Our
configuration is:
-NwClient 4.90 SP2 with all the latest patches.
-NICI 2.6.4
-NMAS 2.7
-eDirectory 8.7.3

Frode Sjovatsen