We've noticed a problem with the latest Novell Client on Windows XP in our
environment. Dynamic Local Users don't work at all - unless we first
install Client 4.90 SP2. The Workstation Manager component is an option
with v4.90 SP2 - but doesn't appear to be an option during the installation
of v4.91 SP2

Here is what is working for us:
Install Client 4.90 SP2 with these custom options:
Novell Workstation Manager (ZEN 3.2)
ZENworks Application Launcher (ZEN 3.2)
IP Only (remove IPX)
Enter the Tree name
(Uncheck all other options, including NMAS and NICI)

Upgrade to Client 4.91 SP2 (with all post SP2 patches) using setupnw.exe
Custom installation
(Uncheck NMAS and NICI)

Is there a better solution?