We are trying to determine why our users are having so many problems logging into our network and accessing their files.

Here is a description of our network:

District Office connect via a Cisco 26111 Routers 100 MB Port - CIR 128 Frame Relay -> Headquarters Cisco 3640 Router.

District Office Employees are located in separate OUs. This is also where their primary server object is located. Although they do map several drives to a Server in another OU. (Would creating a alias to the server volumes of this other server in the local OU help??)

All servers are located at the Headquarters office.

All PCs are Dell Optiplex GX 110, 150, 240, 260, and 270 with various RAM levels (128 - 512).

Windows 200 and XP, most have the latest patches.

Novell Client 4.90 SP2 to 4.91 SP2 with default settings with these exception: (1) Scope List - Pointing to SLPDA Scope Unit, (2) Directory Agent List - IP Address of the SLPDA, and (3) NMAS not loaded.

The Problem:

1. It takes minutes for the Novell Client to complete the login process.
2. Opening files in WordPerfect (versions 9 and 12) takes 30 - 45 seconds.