My father is running NetWare 5.1 and four Windows 98 client computers. He
has asked me to upgrade the Windows 98 computers to Windows XP. I am not
familiar with Novell software or even the NetWare server configuration.
My dad contracted someone to have NetWare installed, but this particular
gentleman has since passed away.

There is one computer in his office that does not get much use, so I
started with that one. I fdisked and freshly installed Windows XP,
installed all device drivers, then installed Novell Client 4.91 SP2. The
Novell login window appeared upon reboot, but upon inputting the client
configuration according to the previous install (same login name,
password, tree, context, server), the client would not connect to the

I do know that the network is using NWLink IPX/SPX, so I made sure that
the protocol was bound, and it was. I tried again, but no luck. I've been
reading previous posts and it looks like I should have deselected
installation of the NMAS client.

Would installation of NMAS cause the client not to connect?

Does anyone have any input on things I can try?