Not sure if this is a client issue or not. I've updated the client to
4.91 SP2 with the post patch and I'm still having this issue.

Windows XP SP2, we have a shortcut on our users desktop for mapping to
remote server, it's command line is \\zen2\sys\public\MAP.EXE root n:=
\\pcsglobal\global, this maps to a clustered volume. It's worked fine
for months, now the user get a message, "invalid startup directory,
please check your pif file."

In windows explorer, if the user types in \\zen2 on the address bar, the
volumes show up, if he trys to browse the volumes, he gets \\zen2\vol1
is not accessible, you may not have the correct permissions or the syntax
is incorrect. I get this even with a user who has admin rights.

This same user can manually map to the volumes within windows explorer by
going to tools, map network drive, then connect and browse the volume.

Help !!! Any ideas