Building a Windoze XPSP2 workstation with either 4.90 or 4.91 (sp1), the
Welcome page bitmap does not display, and the boot sequence goes
directly to the Novell login gina. All the registry settings for the
nwgina are correct, the local security policy Interactive Logon: Do not
require CTRL+ALT+DEL is set to disabled, the client properties point to
the bitmap filename, the bitmap is 256 colour, but it won't show up.

Stock standard Windows install.

Any ideas out there?

When I originally had this issue, I had to install NW 4.83sp2, then acu
to 4.9, then install ZFD 6.5 agent in that exact order, to get the
welcome screen ( our corporate IS legal requirements screen ) to show
After 4.9 sp2 the problem went away, but it now is rearing it's ugly
head again.


James MacDonald
Network Technical Analyst
Victorian Workcover Authority