I'll admit that I've been away for netWare for 6 years now ... and I may
have painted myself into a corner ... so I need some advice.

I have an existing AD infrastructure in place. I have a set of users that
I can not give accounts to in the AD. I thought creating a NetWare NDS /
eDirectory would be the answer. I forgot something - 6 years ago (with
Win9x) you didn't need local computer accounts ... or at least you could
say you weren't 'logging into' the desktop. Now with WinXP as my Desktop
and NetWare 6.5 as my directory, I am going to have to create NetWare
accounts and local machine accounts, right??

I can't believe this is how people are doing this. Is there a better way
to get this done and still keep my sanity.


- Scott W.