Good afternoon; this is Anthony and I am a PC Technican. I have
installed and configured Novell client 4.9 on several PCs with the same
settings I would normally set them up with but for some strange reason
when booting or rebooting these PCs I get a:
Failed to login to Windows Workstation
Make sure your user name/connection information are correct and then type
your user name and password again

It appears to be that the PCs are trying to automatically login which is
something they should NOT be doing because that is something I NEVER
configured the PCs to do so WHY it is doing so NOW is really baffling me.

I have looked at TID10064033 and I am unable to find the "Users and
Password" control panel it speaks of to try this fix. As well; I am
using WindowsXP on the PCs I am having this problem with.

I have spoke with one of the Novell technicians prior to creating this
post and would greatly appreciate speedy response to this matter so I can
resolve this and deliver these PCs to the users they have been configured