We are moving from a Windows server OS to Novel/Linux prior to doing so
we were running XP SP2 on a Windows 2003 AD domain. After loading the
client (4.91) the performance has really tanked. When logging on,
creating a folder, or even selecting a printer is taking 40-60 seconds. I
have been searching everything I can only find two leads

1. One article referring to reducing the buffers on the NIC to 128
within inetcfg. I am ashamed to say I can not find what buffer setting
they are referring to, all I can find is the TX and RX within the board
config and these are already below 128k Does anyone know what settings
they are referring to?
2. I also found an article explaining how when connecting to a
Novell server the windows client would take control first trying to
access the Novell server as if it is Windows server by checking WINS and
then broadcasting for the netbios name. This article recommended adding
static Wins settings for the Novell servers to "help" reduce the lag.
Based upon this article we removed the Microsoft client on a non-critical
machine and the difference was absolutely phenomenal. There were no
further problems and the machine seemed faster than it was on the
Microsoft network. The problem is this seems like a drastic move that
will most likely cause me problems somewhere down the line, plus I will
have to touch every workstation to get it changed.

Please make any suggestions you can to help me improve this performance.
It is a little embarrassing to recommend this wonderful server, (that I
believe in) advertised as the best solution, (which I believe it is) and
then have the systems run slower. I am sure that any programming on
Microsoft’s part to slow the connections down are purely incidental :).
Thanks for the help.