We are having a frustrating problem with some newer computers we are
installing where the login screen will come up and if you try to log in
right away, you will receive a tree or server could not be found error. If
you wait about 5-10 seconds and try again, it will allow you to log in with
no problem.

The impression I get is that the NWGINA screen will appear before Windows
XP is fully initialized. That's just a hunch, though, I do not understand
the real problem.

This is the environment:
Windows XP SP2 (Disabled Win Firewall & McAfee for troubleshooting)
Netware 6.5 SP4
eDirectory SMP
Client 4.91 SP2 (just upgraded from SP1 trying to fix this problem)

Output of SLPINFO /ALL:
************************************************** ***
*** Novell Client for Windows NT ***
*** Service Location Diagnostics ***
************************************************** ***

SLP Version:
SLP Start Time: 1:00:06pm 2/6/2006
Last I/O: 1:00:39pm 2/6/2006
Total Packets: Out: 7 In: 4
Total Bytes: Out: 448 In: 179

SLP Operational Parameters Values
------------------------------- ------------
Static Scopes NO
Static Directory Agents YES
Active Discovery NO
Use Broadcast for SLP Multicast NO
SLP Maximum Transmission Unit 1400 bytes
SLP Multicast Radius 32 hops

SLP Timers Values
------------------------------------- ------------
Give Up on Requests to SAs 15 seconds
Close Idle TCP Connections 5 minutes
Cache SLP Replies 1 minutes
SLP Default Registration Lifetime 10800 seconds
Wait Before Giving Up on DA 5 seconds
Wait Before Registering on Passive DA 1-2 seconds

Scope List Source(s)
---------------------------------------- ------------

DA IP Address Source(s) State Version Local Interface Scope(s)
--------------- --------- ----- ------- ---------------

xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx CNFG UP SLPV2 xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx DEFAULT

Local Interface xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx
Operational State: UP
SA/UA Scopes: <unscoped>,DEFAULT
Last I/O: 1:00:39pm 2/6/2006
Total Packets: Out: 7 In: 4
Total Bytes: Out: 448 In: 179
Last Addr Out: xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx
Last Addr In: xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx