Our schools have carts which carry 10 Dell D610 laptops and a Dell 802.11g
WAP. Login works fine, users get their profiles and run login scripts fine.
What we're noticing is that after being logged in for a random amount of
time, users will lose their mapped drives. There is some packet loss which
we can't get rid of with this wireless setup, which we believe is
Replacing the Dell AP with a similarly configured Linksys AP did not help.
Neither did forcing the connections to 802.11b. A cisco card in another
laptop experienced the same packet loss. (There were still D610's with
2200BG adapters associated to the AP at the time, however.) Whenever there
is any kind of significant activity (another laptop logging in, or
downloading a file) ping times spike dramatically and packets get dropped.
Is this normal for a wireless connection when it becomes congested?
If so, is there some way we can increase the reliability of the mapped
drives, possibly with Novell client settings?
The laptops have client 4.91. Servers are running Netware 6.5 sp3.