Dear colleage's,

we have an intranet site on iis 6 on a windows 2003 server. My users put
documents in folders on a netware 6.5 server and these documents could be
read on the intranet via a virtual directory in iis. We made this work by
giving public rights on the the netware share and by installing a novell
client on the windows 2003 server. This has worked fine for a long time.
Lately I have installed SP1 on the Windows 2003 server. After I had
upgraded the novell client from version 4.83 to 4.91 sp2 it does not work
anymore. Our users get the message: Your path does not exist (\\Server1
When I check in iis I am able to open or explore the directory on the
netware server, nevertheless I cannot browse. The message here is: The
network name cannot be found. I can ping the network server on the windows
server. Nmas and nici are not installed with the client. Ipnr instead of
servername Server1 does not help.
The provider of the intranetsite cannot help us, they have no knowledge of
novell products. I think the new novell client is the causer of the
problem. Please help?

Hans Donders, systemadministrator Gemeente De Ronde Venen