I'm looking for settings on how to control how long the novell client
will wait before it gives up on attempting to contact an unreachable

We have a service that runs on our local workstations that depends on
contacting a netware 6.5 server over NCP. The service traps requests to
open applications and fowards the request to an nlm running on the
netware server. The nlm then determines if the workstation application
can run or not and replies to the workstation. All communication between
the nlm and the workstation's service is done by NCP.

Our problem is that if the netware server is down, the workstation
service experiences very long delays. A packet trace shows the
workstation initially tries to contact the server over NCP with a series
of retransmissions. After a while, the retransmissions stop and the
workstation attempts to arp the downed server's address. Eventually
(after almost two minutes) the workstation service "realizes" that the
server can't be contacted and continues processing.

This may be working as designed but presents considerable difficulties
when the server is down. Is there a setting that will decrease the
period which the netware client waits for a response from the server?

We have tried varying the following netware client settings, with no
beneficial change in behavior:

bad address cache timeout
bad server name cache enabled
bad server name cache timeout
give up on requests to SAs
name resolution timeout
slp active discovery
unc path filter
wait before giving up on DA

server is netware 6.5 sp4a, eDirectory
client is winxp sp2, netware client 4.91 sp2

Many thanks in advance.