I've been postponing to try to find a solution for this issue for weeks
until the whole update to 6.5.5 was finished. Now server, agents and
clients are 6.5.5 and I keep getting this error with my user. Other
users have not this problem.

I keep seen a number, 42, unread entries in the Checklist, but none of
them shows up if I go to this folder.

When I try to move a new entry to the checklist, this error appears and
the message disappears. Simply disappears. It doesn't go neither to the
checklist folder nor to any other client folder.

GroupWise Error [D109] An unexpected error has occurred. Please exit
and then restart GroupWise. If this error occurs repeatedly, please
note the error code in the title before seeking assistance.

I've tried several repair options to no avail.

Please, could you propose some idea to get this issue fixed?


Ricardo Rodriguez
The XEN ICT Team