How can I eliminate the three choices that appear when you click on the
Shutdown button at the login prompt? How can I make the computer just
immediately "shut down and power off" without asking any further questions,
when I click on that button?

There is a lingering annoyance that's been going on for many years, where the
Novell client offers three choices when you click on the "Shut Down" button at
the login screen:
- Shutdown
- Shutdown and Restart
- Shutdown and Power Off

These options confuse 99% of the people that see them. They don't make much
sense to me either and I'm the network administrator. :-)

The first option appears to be for those six Netware customers still using ten
year old 160mhz Pentiums with a mechanical power button. Choose Shutdown, and
you get this box that says "It is now safe to turn off your computer." which
is completely useless on any computer with APM/ACPI. The message is doubly
annoying in that the computer doesn't want to turn off if you merely press the
power button, because APM/ACPI is in fact enabled and thinks Windows is still
running. You have to hold in the power button for five to ten seconds to
finally force it to power down.

Staff and students don't remember the old days of AT-style cases and having to
shut down before physically powering off, so many people erringly choose the
first option and walk away. And the computer continues humming all night long
waiting at the "now safe to turn off" message, which irritates my boss who is
trying to cuts costs by conserving energy. People get chewed out for no real
fault of their own.

The second option doesn't really make a whole lot of sense when you're looking
at the Novell login prompt. There are very few things that restarting at the
login prompt will fix without fulling logging in and doing something else
first. I can think of no common situation where I will boot a computer, and
then decide to restart it at the login prompt without first logging in. I've
seen people mistakenly choose this one thinking it will shut down the
computer, which of course it doesn't. They're probably just randomly picking
something and hoping it turns off.

There is only one specific case where I must restart at the login prompt, and
that is when ZFD imaging updates the system after a new image has been
installed. This occurs so rarely I see no need to saddle the common users with
a restart option they'll never need to use.

The third option is the only truly correct choice, but since nobody knows why
the first and third options are there, they don't usually correctly make this
choice. It seems a redundant choice anyway, to be shutting down and powering
off. Isn't that what merely "shutting down" in Windows does already?

Personally, I would like to see this entire dialog box eliminated. When people
click on the Shut Down button at the login prompt, the system simply shuts
down and powers off. No muss, no fuss. Click.

As a secondary option I'd accept having a choice in the client config to
choose whether or not this dialog appears -- "Show Shutdown options window",
default "No". -- for those few who still have some reason to not power off at
the login prompt. But those early weird noncompliant APM systems are now all
virtually obsolete, and so this dialog has outlived its usefulness in the