I need to find a workaround for the following problem:-

I have a netware 3.11 server on my network that users log into after
logging into a windows NT domain. This server is called RALPH.

I am in the process of upgrading my windows infrastructure from Windows
NT to Windows 2003.
My existing NT domain is LUCAS. I have installed a new Windows 2003 DC
and created a domain called ralph.local.

I have then migrated a users PC to the new domain and found that the
netware logon script only runs for the sys drive and I cannot view the
netware server drive partitions via My Network Places.

I get the error that the doamin controller cannot be located please
contact your administrator.

I have been reading on various forums that this is due to my new
windows 2003 domain being called the same name as the netware server.

Also I have Gateway Services for Netware running on my Windows NT PDC
but this is not supported in Windows 2003. Would this contributing to
the problem or would it be due to the netbios of my AD domain being
the same as my netware server.

Is there a way around this as UNC paths normally go \\PCNAME\Partition
SHare and the domain is not involved.

If someone could advise that would be great.