I have received 2 new IBM laptops to test out. These laptops have Windows
XP Tablet operating systems. The first thing I did after updating all the
latest patches on them is to load the Novell client 4.91SP2 w/o the NMAS
or the NICI (this is how we load all the clients where I work). I also
chose TCP/IP only (also another protocol we follow). I have never had a
problem but after I reboot, the Novell login box comes up but when I go to
choose the tree I want, the popup box is blank and I am unable to log into
our network. I know the TCP/IP works on the laptops because I can access
the internet. I have uninstalled and reinstalled the client a few times
plus installed the previous client. I also uninstalled and reinstalled the
NIC on the laptops but to no avail. These are 2 different laptops but with
both the same problem. Im wondering if it has to do with Windows XP
Tablet. I have no experience with this specific OS. Can anyone help???