I use here the newest client from Novell.
It's the version 4.91 SP2.
I use Windows XP SP2 with the newest patches.
I could installed the client (with NMAS) without problems.
But when I try to uninstall the client all work fine until the install
routine came to the NMAS client. By this uninstalling
I get allways the Windows Installer error 1722.
When I try to install the NMAS client I get the error 1722 also. :o(
At this moment I have no chance to uninstall the NMAS client.
All other parts from the Novell Client are uninstalled without
problems but at the moment that the NMAS clinet is one's turn I get
this f.....g error.
I discover this problem after I installed the VPN Client 3.8.9 and I
get allways a NMAS error when I try to connect our VPN server.
Than I try to uninstall all Novell components...

Has anybody any information for me?