Since upgrading to XP SP2, our users are unable to 'syncronize' their
passwords between Novell and the NT domain.

When they are prompted to change their passwords (every 40 days - with 6
grace logins), they attempt to change their password from the Novell login
prompt, but they get the error "you do not have permissions to change
Windows Password" and their NT Domain password is not changed (novell
password is changed). So the next time they log in, there is a mismatch in
passwords and they are prompted to enter a different 'windows password'.

If they continue to login without attempting to change password (using a
grace login) then do ctrl-alt-del and choose "change password"... they
highlight both NT domain and Novell Tree, enter old and new passwords, a
popup says that all resources have been changed. HOWEVER, when logging
into the computer after the password change, they are prompted to enter a
windows password. the user must enter their old password (even after it
said it was changed). Also, if they check the 'change windows password to
match novell' check box, they are given the error "you do not have
permission to change windows password".
In every case, the Novell password IS changed without issue while the NT
domain password (or windows password as novell calls it) is not changed.

We have ensured that the NT domain accounts ARE set to allow users to
change password.
Also, most users are NOT local Administrators, but adding them to that
group has no effect.

This problem occurs with all Novell client versions we tried. from 3.xx to
4.91 sp(x)
This only occurs on XP machines that are running SP2. If a user is using
XP - NOT on SP2 or any prior versions of windows - 2000 or NT, this problem
does not occur.

What can we do to fix this problem??