I want to report a serious bug in the new Novell Client for Windows 4.91
SP2. When you browse to a folder on a network drive and you want to know
the Inherited Rights and Filters for this folder the list shown is corrupt!
On our netwerk for example one folder has 4 trustees/groups. The first and
second trustees are shown correct but the third and fourth are not! Only
the first letter of these entries are shown! I tried to recreate this
problem on another workstation and this succeeded. Novell wrote a post SP2
fix, but this doesn't correct the problem. There is a solution, but this is
not a good one. The problem is caused by the new nwshlxnt.dll file. When
you replace this file with an old version, the problem doesn't occur
anymore. I already heard someone else was having this problem too and I
wonder if there are people out there who do too?!
For the record, we are using NW65SP4 servers and W2K-SP4 workstations.
Perhaps Novell should look into this?!