Hi all,

I'm having a problem with Single Sign-on enabled. when enabled
NWSSO.DLL will reboot if a new user log's in that has not used that pc
before, now in a school environment we need that so that you don't get
the windows log-on screen after a novell login. The only client that
seems to work is 4.90, all the other newer ones have this issue. I have
copied NWSSO.DLL from the 4.90 client and it worked for the first login
but once you log out and log back in it will reboot. We also use
contextless login's here, this is a copy of the reg file that we use.
Does anyone have a newer Novell Client working with Contextless login
and Single Sign-on enabled let me know or if you have and idea i will
be happy to try anything at this point.


"LoginExtDesc"="Novell Contextless Login Extension"