The Novell Workstation Manager (part of ZEN works, part of Novell
Client until 4.90) includes a scheduler. This scheduler seems to
"hang" from time to time and doesn't run the scheduled tasks any

Opening the scheduler window (dobble click on the taskbar icon)
seems to "wake him up" again: If schedules have been missed, the
tasks run immediately.

Though we run simple commands and batch-files (nothing ZENworks
specific), we do need the tasks to run using the current logged in
session, so we can access data on the NetWare server. Thus we can't
use the windows scheduler.

I tried to run a windows schedule to stop and re-start the
"Workstation Manager" service, but this only works sometimes, other
times, the service hangs in the "stopping" state and never recovers
until the next reboot.

Does anyone know of this problem and how to fix those hangs?

Alternately, is there another "foreground" scheduler program for
windows (compatible with server 2003)? All the scheduler programs I
found start the tasks in a separate session, and thus they cannot
access resources of the currently logged-in user.