I am using Netware 6.0 and all workstations are running Windows XP. I
have some workstations with Client 4.9 and some with the 4.91 SP2.
Situation applies to all workstations.

I use a program called DeepFreeze which returns the hard drive to
original state after a reboot. In otherwords, no changes are saved to
the local hard drive. This is MY FAVORITE piece of software as I work in
a K-12 setting and it has saved me many hours of work trying to undo
creative computing attempts by students.

I would like to bypass the WindowsXP login request that comes up
following a Netware login or find an easy way to allow different users to
log in to both using their NDS username. I have created a generic user
on all workstations that allows a quick click and login but it turn out
that all work is then tracked with the same username. I would like to be
able to track user work by their NDS username but I do not want to have
to enter all of my users individually into each workstation.