We're testing AutoCAD 2006 on two computers; Windows 2000 Pro and
Windows XP Pro, both fully patched. We can’t create new projects using
Project Browser if the template is on the server. If the template is
on the local hard drive, it works.

This looks like the problem discussed in this forum earlier, but we've
tried the fix from Brazil - changing the registry DWORD value for
AecProjectBase40\Readlock from 1 to 0 and also have set file cache off
and file commit on. These changes haven’t helped us.

The server is a NetWare 6.5sp3 with recommended post sp3 patches.
“Level 2 Oplocks Enabled” and “Client File Caching Enabled” are both
set to OFF.

The Clients are both 4.91sp2, Windows XP Pro has the latest post
4.91sp2 patches (made no difference).

Does anyone know if this could be related to the version of NetWare OS
we're using? I’m leaning towards waiting for 6.5sp6 at the moment.
Thanks for any advice.

Bill V.