I have a strange problem.

On my Netware 5.1 server, the novell client 4.90SP2 and novell client
4.91SP2 clients have a serious problem. If a pc is booted, the user is able
to login and contextless login finds the context.
But if the user logs-out and restarts the desktop, he is not able to login,
message "cannot access tree". If the users browses for the tree, it is found
by SLP, but the context cannot be browsed without the "cannot access tree".
If I put the ip address of the server in stead of the treename, user is
able to login. Also if users wait for around 5 minutes,everthing works fine
again and the context can be browsed again.

I have configured SLP on the server "unscoped", the slpda is running and
shows all the information needed. SLPINFO/D and SLPINFO/ALL on the problem
workstation shows all information.

The problem gets worst when I enter the ipaddress of the server as a static
SLP Directory Agent.

Who has any idea how to resolve this?