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Thread: Cannot access Netware server

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    Steve@nospam.com NNTP User

    Cannot access Netware server

    I have a Netware 6.5 server accross a WAN that I cannot access without
    having the novell client installed. I can access files on the Netware 6.5
    servers that are on my LAN with just the microsoft client services for
    netware but not the server accross the WAN. I have a need to access the
    Netware server accross the WAN from a Windows 2003 Server Standard Edition.
    First of all can you install the novell client on Windows 2003 Server
    Standard Edition? It serves as a terminal server.

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    Tony Pedretti NNTP User

    Re: Cannot access Netware server


    Microsoft client for NetWare is IPX-only where as the Novell Client can
    use both protocols.

    Yes, the current Novell Client supports all recent versions of Windows
    including Server 2003.

    Tony Pedretti

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