It has been a week plus since semi-successfully pushing out 4.91.sp2 to
1/3 of our 2,200 users. As luck would have it, someone tweaked the
MinorInternalVersion variable from 2 to 3. Well, this meant that all 150
users at my site were needing to update the client AGAIN, although the
version numbers and build numbers were identical.

Granted, this is a function just for this purpose.

However, instead of rerunning the installation as configured, the ACU
Update Agent decided to query the customer to see if they wanted an

Considering the acu.ini and unattend.txt both say NO to InitialDisplay,
this fact really irked me.

I now have 150 people asking me, "Why do we need to rerun the client

Please tell me that the "Update Agent" can run silently, and which
flags/variables are needed to make it work properly.