The Novell Trustee tab no longer exists in folder/file properties. I can go
to "N Trustee Rights..." by rt. clicking folder/file but everything is
grayed out. I have had this problem since installing 4.91 client six months
ago. I have installed all client updates (I think). Here's info on my
current client.

Novell Client for Windows 4.91 SP2 []
Netware 5 SP7
TFS Volumes
UNC path filter -- OFF

Other than going back to v4.90, any ideas ? If not, where can I download


I can still go to Netware Administrator to view trustees but I don't know
how to view "Effective Rights" for all trustees and groups. When I go to
"Effective Rights" I can only select one trustee/group. In Windows
Explorer, I was able to see all trustees and their effective rights. This
was very handy. Is there a way to do this in Netware Administrator?