I am out of places to look and this community is alway very helpful, so
I'm hoping for some help here.

I have a user that has the adobe creative suite 2 installed on her
computer. If she logs into the network and tries to run any of the
adobe programs like Photoshop or InDesign, the program will open then
switch to not responding. If anybody else logs into the computer it
works fine.

I deleted her profile off the computer but it still happens with the new
profile. I also completely uninstalled and reinstalled the adobe
creative suite with no luck. If she logs in workstation only then adobe
works fine. If she logs in workstation only, then logs into novell it
also works fine. If you login to the network but don't execute the
login script it also works fine. It's only when you login to novell
first that it's an issue.

I thought she might be getting a drive mapping or something thru one of
her group assignments, so I removed her from every group she belongs to
and it still happens.

Anybody have any thoughts on this?