We have a few PCs that take over 2 minutes to open Word and Excel files.
The last change that occurred was we turned off our old NDS tree. When I
turn the old NDS Tree back on, the PCs in question can open files in 10

-If the old tree is off and you open MS Word; then you open the file
within Word fast.
-If the old tree is off and you click on the same file, it takes 2 minutes
for MS word to start.
-If the old tree is running. MS Word is fine.

-The PCs in question are Windows XP.

-The two PCs in question used to login to old Tree , and were re-pointed
to the new tree.

-I have removed all references in the registry to the old tree. All old
printer references have been removed. We have reloaded the client.

-If I kill off WM.exe in the process list on one of the two PCs in
question, I get an error as Word loads. Yet Words starts up in 15 seconds
with the old Tree down. This tells me WM.exe is part of the problem.


P. Jannusch