We are upgrading our clients from 4.91 SP1 to 4.91 SP2B and have a small

We install the client using the acu and in Unsecure System Scope mode as
users are not admins.

At the end of the install, NICI is throwing in a runonce registry key
pointing to its setup.exe file in C:\Program Files\Installshield
Installation Information\{F02DB....}

After rebooting it nags the user for credentials upon login. You can
kind of click past it and make it go away, but it is annoying. It only
affects Windows 2000 SP4. It does not affect Windows XP SP2 although it
does put the same runonce key in the registry.

I did some further testing and should note that when just installing
nici all by itself, it places the same runonce key in the registry that
generates the same nag in windows 2000.

Anyone know what is going on?