We just added a second context to our tree (opened a second office.)

Users in the new context were just running the default script, not the
container script the folks in the existing context were using. We
copied the script form one container to the other and now everyone
runs the 'same' script (- at least until somebody changes one side and
forgets to change the other.....)

How do I force all users to use the same contain login script even if
it's not their 'default' container?

Config info: NW 6.5.5 (OES SP2) with a BrdMgr 3.8.4 IR3 VPN between

Workstations are all XP SP2, there are also two W2K SP4 servers
(primarily for terminal services.) Novell client is 4.91 SP2 on all
XP and 2000 machines.