I have what may be a crazy question: Why do I need the Novell client? Can I
get access to Novell resources without the novell client? I ask this,
because I have the following scenario:

NetWare 6.5-based network, with Novell XP client deployed across the board,
for wired and for wireless users.
We want to implement 802.1x port-based authentication, so we need a
supplicant like MeetingHouse AEGIS agent.
We're running into issues with multiple logins.

A question came up, whay do we need the Novell Client at all?

My thought to this is: they need to access network printers, network mapped
drives, etc. Is there a way to access to these resources without using the
Novell client?

The big questions are these: Why do I need the Novell client at all? Is
there any way to reach resources that the client provides, without using the
Novell client?


-- Geoff