We currently have WAN connections from three remote buildings to our main
campus where all OES/NetWare 6.5 servers are farmed. In order to make this
work when first installed, we put a host file on all remote workstations
pointing to the servers which are on the campus subnet. We are now
reconfiguring with VLANs so that the servers appear to their client
workstations to be on the same subnet (servers will be readdressed to the
same subnet as well). I am worried, though, that the host file may
continue to be read by the Novell Client; that file, unaltered, will point
to the wrong server addresses after the reconfiguration. The problem for
us is that if the host file must be either modified or deleted (I would
think the latter since it should no longer be necessary), approximately
500 workstations would have to be touched.

So my question is: Does the Novell Client use the host file to find its
server at the beginning of the authentication process or only when its
preferred tree/context/server cannot be found on its own subnet?