We have a NetWare network for our GroupWise and our main network is
Active Directory. Since I need to access both networks, I have the
NetWare Client 4.2 sp2 installed on my AD workstation. This works fine
when I'm at work, but when I am off-site and VPN to our site and then
launch a Remote Desktop Connection, I connect to my PC and login using my
netware login and under advanced button I have my Windows login. The
first time I log in it takes a bit and the login screen comes back. So I
log in a second time and the login screen comes back at me right away.
The third time is the charm. I login this third time and it connects fine.
We have 3 users who need to check on our system on the weekend and this
is a pain. Wondering if someone knows why this happens and if there's a
workaround for it?

Thanks, Lori