I have just received a new computer with xp proff sp2. Installed the
NWClient 4.91 sp 2 full product downloaded from netware-site. Works fine
it seems, but: On my server i have the GroupWise 5.5 software, and wants
to install the client from setup.exe in h:\grpwise\software\client\win32.
the h: is mapped to my server (\\karius\sys). When browse to the file and
doubleclick the file in windows explorer I get error message: file does
not exist (it's in norwegian, so it seeme it is windows that is reporting
it). I try to use command line prompt and navigate to the same directory
there. The same error: file does not exist. Enters the command 'dir', and
SETUP.EXE is shown normally. Have installed this gwclient from lots of
machines before without this errormessage.